IHN Board of Directors
Cathy Lewis                          Chair

Cathy Lewis                     Chair

Bridgid Rubin                    Vice-Chair, St. Mary's Church,             Shewsbury

Bridgid Rubin                 Vice-Chair, St. Mary's Church,             Shewsbury

Anne Duffy Johnson     Treasurer  , First United Methodist, Westborough

Anne Duffy Johnson  Treasurer, First United Methodist, Westborough

Jim Lang                    Clerk ,  Christ the King

Jim Lang                 ClerkChrist the King

Anne French                     Blessed Sacrament

Anne French                  Blessed Sacrament

Margie Rosenfeld           Temple Emanuel Sinai

Margie Rosenfeld        Temple Emanuel Sinai

Julie Koshgarian

Julie Koshgarian

Deb Engvall                   Zion Lutheran

Deb Engvall                Zion Lutheran

Robin Mitzcavitch      Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester

Robin Mitzcavitch   Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester

The IHN Advisory Board consists of 9-13 volunteers who provide guidance to the IHN Director in all areas of the organization.  They help with strategic planning of program goals, ensuring IHN's fiscal sustainability, and assisting with daily functioning as needed.  The Advisory Board acts especially to promote the work of IHN to the Charter Board and to the local community.  They also oversee many of our fundraising efforts.  Membership on the Advisory Board entails a renewable three-year commitment; meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month on June Street.  Our Advisory Board brings a range of experience and expertise to the organization, with members with professional experience and positions in diverse fields, including law, social work, education, real estate, accounting, finance, ministry, and more.